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    About Us


    CPM is a Comprehensive Portfolio Services Company that specializes in commercial real estate maintenance and improvements. A leader in the South Florida commercial property maintenance industry, we have served the CRE industry since 1986.

    We provide services such as Landscaping, Power Washing, Parking Lot Maintenance and CAPEX Project Management.

    Most importantly, we Improve Lives!

    Everything we do stems from the Relationships we build & develop. Reliability, Grit & Humbly Demanding standards that drive the success and earned trust of our clients is the foundation of our Team.


    "Strive not to be a SUCCESS, but rather to be of VALUE." -Albert Einstein










  • Services Tailored To Your Needs

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    Tree Trimming

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    Parking Lot Maintenance


    Day Porter

    Power Sweeping

    Repairs & Maintenance


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    Power Washing





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    Project Management


    Capital Improvements

    Tenant Improvements

    Budget Management

















    Best in Class Service

    Delivered Everyday

    Success Trainer Support

    Team Member Culture

    OSHA Certified Trainer

    Onsite Training

    Continuous Training & Development

    Onsite Presence

    Quality Control Management

    Visit Ready Inspection Reports

    Tenant Support

    Command Central Support

    Work Order Processing


    Workforce Management



    Real Time Data

    Mobile Platform






















  • One Team

    Excellence Driven by Reliability, Grit & Humbly Demanding Standards

    Frontline Team


    Known as day porters in the industry, Detailer is a better title defined by CPM's standards....it's all about the Details. The exterior cleanliness of the property adds tenant value & visitor experience.

    Parking Lot Sweeper

    Making sidewalks & the parking lot areas ready for tenants to open the next day. Cleaning is performed overnight to prepare for a fresh start each morning!

    Utility Detailer

    Performing minor property repairs & maintenance in addition to the Detailer cleaning duties.


    We fill your property on a bi-weekly basis with the scent of freshly cut grass...can you smell it? Collaboration among our departments turn the eternal Landscaper vs. Parking Lot Cleaning battle to an end!

    Power Washer

    A good hot water power wash of the property will give it the Crisp & Clean feel of a new property. Removing gum, mildew and other stains that may deteriorate the appearance or value of the property.

    Portfolio Supervisor

    Many call our Portfolio Supervisors the "eyes and ears" of our operations. As CPM's "OSHA certified Boots on the Ground", each Supervisor is responsible for an assigned portfolio. This layer of Quality Control and Continuous Team Development, truly sets us apart.

    Project Team

    Projects beyond the minor repair & maintenance capability calls for our CPM Project Team. Our in-house Team is ready to take small projects with a big impact on the Value & Safety of your property.

    Project Manager

    CPM's Project Manager is involved every step of the project to ensure Quality Control while delivering projects On Time and On Budget. We are an efficient solution to support the Property Management Team.


    Office Team

    Operations Processing Specialist

    The liaison between our Frontline Team and Management. A dedicated Operations Processing Specialist communicates, processes and manages all client requests.

    Field Operations Manager

    Quality Control oversight of properties & work orders. Continuous development of Portfolio Supervisors in order to communicate & deliver CPM standards among all Team Members.

    Manager of OPS

    Oversight of the workforce & work order management. The bridge between our clients' expectations & the motivation & respect our workforce needs to make it a reality.

    Client Experience Manager

    Maximizing the Client satisfaction & overall CPM experience. Open communication & continuous feedback is the fuel to our success. Our clients have a voice!

  • Careers


    Our Team is expanding! Are you looking to enter a new career path that offers growth and hands on training?

    At CPM we are all about Grit & Team Work.


    Contact us today for CPM’s road map to success!



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